InVue today unveiled Smart Lock L430, the latest addition to the IR Ecosystem, an innovative retail security solution for high-theft merchandise. Integrating seamlessly into new or existing furniture, the Smart Lock L430 features a self-latching capability to protect merchandise on the sales floor without compromising the customer experience. InVue’s Smart Lock technology uses a digital handshake to allow store associates quick access to high value products without leaving the customer’s side and without disrupting the aesthetics of the retail store.

Unlike mechanical locks that can be picked or broken, the Smart Lock L430 is pick resistant and can only be accessed by an electronic key. Smart Lock L430 is also fully integrated with the IR Ecosystem, which uses only one key to control all InVue Solutions. Unlike anything else on the market today, Smart Lock L430 does not require a power or batteries and instead features innovative, patented electronic functionality through power transfer, ensuring the Smart Lock L430 is always ready for use. The unique ID of each lock enables auditing and zoning capabilities.

Smart Lock L430 のその以外の特長には、以下が挙げられます:

  • Self-Latching Electronic Lock — Unique design provides the confidence that cabinets are always locked so if a sales associate forgets to lock it, the cabinet will lock automatically.
  • Seamless integration into new & existing furniture — Virtually imperceptible, the L430 can be seamlessly hidden in the walls of a panel to maintain the aesthetics of a store environment without compromising security. The small yet powerful, adaptable design was developed with the store environment in mind to ensure the integrity of the retail environment and avoid the traditional pitfalls of bulky mechanical locks.

Best Buy、Verizon、T-Mobile などの一流小売店は、高マージンな商品のセキュリティ確保と、それに付け加えられる販売員の販売生産性改善のメリットや売り上げの増加のために、Smart Lock システムを採用ています。Smart Lock が広く採用されている理由は、使い易さとモダンな美しさにあり、どんな什器にも組み込むことができます。Smart Lock は IR Ecosystem の一部となるソリューションです - 盗難に遭いやすい展示商品用の、店舗全体のシングルキー ソリューションです。

“Backrooms are shrinking as retailers are placing more and more merchandise on the sales floor,” said Karen Bomber, Director of Product Marketing, InVue. “As a result, retailers must not only ensure the highest level of security, but a positive customer experience where the moment of decision results in the moment of purchase. Forward thinking retailers understand the power of the Smart Lock L430 to uniquely address these challenges and fuel increased sales opportunities.”



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