S960 POD を使って展示中の商品を安全に保管S960 POD を使って展示中の商品を安全に保管

Introducing the new S960. InVue’s newest POD features an optimal combination of contemporary design and high consumer experience. It’s completely scalable to meet your security needs, and along with compatible software, can provide critical user data and analytics… all at a very compelling price.

  • Minimal contemporary design: Compatible with contemporary retail visual merchandising strategies. Optimal display for both smartphones and tablets.
  • High consumer experience: Allow merchandise to be optimally displayed with minimal design. “True Feel” security cable allows full consumer experience with the product on display.
  • Scalable security: Multiple layers of security. 100db alarm for 10 seconds, then down to 95db. Fully adjustable security brackets.
  • Cross Merchandise accessories: Integrated alarm and power auxiliary alarm port allows for cross merchandising of accessories alongside phones and tablets.
  • Compatible software for data analytics. Compatible with InVue’s software suite, including Access Manager to help reduce internal theft.
  • すべて、魅力的なソリューション価格でご提供します。


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